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Alishviel was not designed for the modern world, but that soon changed when Pernella found her at a train station one cold winter morning in London.

GameFly PitchEdit

Alishviel, a twenty one year old university student in modern day London lived among the common world until a deity Pernella found her. No longer are her days consumed by textbooks and exams, but magic and the increasingly looming threat of evil. Chosen as one of the champions for a deity in the Afmörgum War Alishviel has to find her inner strength to overcome opponents and the grueling truth about her deity Pernella and Afmörgum itself. As a point and click based narrative game the player will get to play as Alishviel and choose her actions throughout the game and see where those decisions lead her through the war.

- Heavily visual game that consist of an image for each scene and short cut scenes that consist of an accumulation of still art and voice over.

- Visually pleasing game beautiful artwork

- Intriguing store line heavily inspired by mythology

- Takes place in real settings around the world, history, and mythology so players can feel like they are actually in game

- A range of well developed characters that pulls in the player

- Continuously keeps player on their toes

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