Welcome to the world of many realms.

Throughout this game you will play as the main character Alishviel who is a young woman of twenty-one going to school in London.

One cold winter day when heading onto the metro to head to class you notice a strange looking woman. She long white gray hair and startling gray eyes. She is gowned in a white jacket as well that is a stark contrast to the darks clothes of the Londoners. From here you are given the option to have Alishviel stay where she is or go and talk to the interesting foreigner.

If you stay where you are it is a shorter direct route out of the Prologue. However, if you go and sit next to the foreigner named Pernella many more options open up to you as the player. Eventually Alishviel will walk through a portal into the realm of Arbormulta which is known as the tree of life.

Chapter 1 jumps into a few months later when Alishviel is having her acceptance ceremony to become a true champion in the Afmörgum war. During the ceremony however she is consumed by a moment that happened thousands of years ago. The vision leaves her breathless and questioning about what she knows to be true.

Throughout the game you as the player will come across different deities and champions to battle and encounter with. Through these conversation and other events Alishviel will start to learn the horrifying truth that is the world she lives in.

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